About Blay Builders

garry-kayleen-blayGarry and Kayleen Blay

Blay Builders have been building homes in the East Gippsland area for 30 years. Gary and Kayleen Blay, along with their dedicated local staff, contractors and suppliers are totally dedicated to making your experience with them an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Because we are local, we are accountable to our community for the quality, workmanship and liveability of our product. Where ever we go, we see the results of our work... and we want it to be the best!

Glenvill in association with Blay Builders - The Perfect Relationship

Blay Builders and Glenvill have joined forces, providing discerning clients with a quality home at competitive prices. With over 50 years experience, Glenvill have provided Blay Builders with a range of plans to suit every individual. Glenvill, who have won over 100 awards, has formed associations across Victoria (and South Australia) only with local builders that are recognised for quality, integrity, reliability and versatility.

When Glenvill selects a local builder they look for the above qualities, the viability of the association and an uncompromising ability to build a quality home.

Ten Steps - An explanation of the buying process
Benefits of a using a local builder

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